Welfare Associations

Welfare Measures for Teachers and Non-teaching Staff

Annual employee health check-up : All employees who have undergone Health check-up while joining and have completed 6 months of service shall undergo the Employee Health Check-up organized by the institution each year.

PF for Teaching and non-teaching staff : Provident fund contribution is applied to all employees who are eligible for Provident fund as per the Employees' Provident Fund Act.

Vaccination (Covid 19 and HbsAg) : All health workers were given the opportunity to take the COVID-19 vaccination for free until 14th March, 2021

Maternity leave : Maternity leave is given as per the Maternity Benefit Act. The eligble person who has completed 90 days of service is elgible for maternity leave of 180 days for the first and second child and 90 days for third onwards.

Special casual leave (conferences) : Special Casual Leaves are available for attending relevent academic related workshop and conferences.

Health insurance for Staff : At the moment we have a scheme where the institution will give reimbursement of the premium for the Health Insurance taken by the employee for herself / or for her family based on a defined slab

Corona rakshak insurance : Corona rakshak insurance was taken for all employees for 9.5 months.

ESI for teaching and non-teaching staff : ESI for teaching and non-teaching staff is made applicable to all employees who are in the eligible limit as per the Employee State Insurance Act.

Subsidizing canteen facility : Canteen facility is available for teaching and non-teaching staff with reduction in the price

Recreation facility for staff : Indoor and outdoor game facility is provided in the hostel campus.

Staff gratuity : All employees are given gratuity while they leave as per the rules prescribed by the Gratuity Act

Staff quarters facility : Quarters accommodation is facilitated for teaching and non-teaching married faculty. Hostel accommodation is permitted for unmarried faculty.

Staff development program : Monthly staff development programmes and SDP Series are arranged by the institution for updating the knowledge

Staff induction and orientation program : Time Scheduled Staff induction and orientation program provided with 2 days for all employees, who are newly joining the organization.

Motivation for scientific paper presentation : All faculty including junior and senior staff alike are encouraged for doing scientific paper presentation

Others : Well ventilated physical facility, transportation facility, staff tour / picnic, motivation classes, faculty retreat, staff spiritual retreat, staff farewell and recognition of the faculty are the other welfare measures in the Jubilee Mission Nursing College.

Student Welfare in JMCON

Scholarship :

» Institutional Scholarship
» Studentship from KUHS (University)
» Organizational Scholarship
» Govt Scholarship
» Professional Organizational Scholarship
» PTA Scholarship
» Alumni extension activities towards payment of bills for needy Students

Capability building and Skill enhancement initiatives :

» Soft Skills
» Language and Communication Skills
» Life Skills (Yoga), Health & Hygiene
» ICT & Computing Skills

Guidance for Competitive exam

» Sessions on Career guidance for outgoing Students
» Meeting with Alumni and sharing their experiences enriches to appear for Competitive Exam

Indoor/Outdoor games - In College & hostel

Store and Canteen - Present

Availability of Post office, Bank, ATM Corner - In Hospital Campus

Retreat - Every year

Tour - Every alternative Academic year

Internet Facility in College Campus - Free

Photocopy - Available

Releasing of Magazine - Every 4 years

Students involvement in college committee :

» Mess committee
» Grievance committee
» Students are members of College Council, PTA, Library committee.