Programme Outcome for M.Sc. Nursing

PO1:Develop knowledge, skills and professional values to deliver essential high quality and complex care, to the individuals in the field of nursing practice
PO2:Demonstrate competency in Nursing procedures and practice as Clinical Nurse specialist
PO3:Display effective ways of Communication with individuals, groups and members of the health care team in order to promote professional interpersonal relationship and teamwork.
PO4:Use leadership skills to supervise and manage others and contribute to planning, designing, delivering and improving future nursing care services.
PO5:Develop analytical and problem-solving approaches to the holistic assessment, planning and implementation of care of a multiplicity of health needs by conducting research, critically analysing research findings and applying best evidence to nursing practice.
PO6:Function effectively as an individual and as a member or leader in diverse teams of Clinical / Community health setting
PO7:Practice within the framework of code of ethics, professional conduct, and acceptable standards of practice within the legal boundaries.
PO8:Accept responsibilities & demonstrate interest and positive attitude in continuing education for personal and professional growth as nurse specialist, consultants, educator, and administrator in a variety of professional settings.
PO9:Consider sustainability in nursing practice by improve care and utilize resources more efficiently for further service improvements.
PO10:Develop reflective practice and a lifelong commitment to continuing professional development and other academic and professional activities.