Community Health Nursing

Community Health Nursing, JMCON

Community health Nursing is the synthesis of nursing and public health practice applied to promote and protect the health of population. It combines all the basic elements of professional, clinical nursing with public health and community practice. The goal of community health nursing is to promote, protect and preserve the health of the public. Community health nursing involves these basic concepts: Promote healthy lifestyle, Prevent disease and health problems.


The vision of community health nursing department is to strive towards equipping nursing students to develop excellence in maintaining and promoting health through various activities in practice, education, research as well as leadership in public health delivery.


Healthy people in healthy communities through best practices in community health nursing.

Core Values
  • Health
  • Leadership
  • Health Equity
  • Diverse and Competent workforce

Message from HOD

Community Health Nursing HOD

I feel proud to be a part of Jubilee mission of College of Nursing. Our department of community health nursing was established with the aim to provide in-depth knowledge and practice on concepts, philosophy, and principles of community health nursing. The department serves the society based on “prevention is better than cure” with various activities. Department is involved training of undergraduate nursing students. Students are trained in the areas of family assessment and community assessment to identify health problems of people living in the community. Students are further trained to make referrals for people identified to have problems and to give health education with emphasis on primary prevention. The strength of our department is to work together, serving as resource team, dispense services to schools, colleges, Government and Non- Government Organization. The department is offering free preventive, curative and rehabilitative services in rural and urban areas, conducting free medical camps, Mass awareness programme, participating in national health programmes and conducting in-service education programme for health care workers. The outreach programmes are well appreciated and acknowledged in the community by various stakeholders.

- Mrs. Seeja Jacob
HOD, Community Health Nursing


Mrs. Seeja Jacob
Mrs. Seeja Jacob

Assistant Professor

M.Sc. (N) Community Health Nursing

Miss. Deepa Davis T
Miss Deepa Davis T


M.Sc. (N) Community Health Nursing



M.Sc. (N) Community Health Nursing

Subject placement in Course
CourseTheory HourPractical Hour
II Year B.Sc. (N)100160
IV Year B.Sc. (N)100320
5th Semester100160
7th Semester100160
8th Semester 192 (internship)

Lab Facilities

Community Health Lab
  • Community Bags
  • Models
  • Puppets
  • Charts
  • Treatment of algorithms for diseases
  • Varieties of instruments for skill practices


I. Faculty Achievements
  • Teachers excellence nightingale award 2023 from VISION LEARNING by Seeja Jacob
  • 100% results in KUHS Examinations for Community Health Nursing-II from 2013-2021 (9 yrs)
  • 100% results in KUHS Examinations for Community Health Nursing-I from 2016-2022 (6yrs)
II. Research Achievements
Sl.No.YearAgencyGuide / HOD
12022-2023Police AcademySeeja Jacob & Deepa Davis T
22020-2021KSCSTEGuide and HOD - Mrs. Seeja Jacob
32019-2020KSCSTEGuide - Mrs. Ambily Ulhannan
HOD - Mrs. Seeja Jacob
III. Student Achievements
  • Students secured first prize,secondprize,third prize for poster competition held in connection with world health day on 4-4-2023. They were awarded with cash.
  • Students participated and appreciated in skit competition as a part of World TB day celebration under govt.bodies (DTB) on 24-4-2023.
  • Students achieved second prize with cash award in poster competition in connection with World TB day under govt. Bodies(RNTCP Unit ) on 20-3-2023.
  • Students achieved first & second prize in quiz competition SPARSH on 30-1-2023, under govt. Bodies (District leprosy unit)
  • Students participated & appreciated in speech competition organized by Ministry of youth affairs (Govt.) on 1-3-2023
  • Second prize in Poster presentation of student project which was done in International conference during the year 2017-2018
IV. Faculty completed Certificate programme
  • Seeja Jacob has completed simulation training conducted by INC at New Delhi on 2023
  • Seeja Jacob has completed INC capacity building program for midwifery in 2020
  • Seeja Jacob has completed certificate programme in Family health certificate programm at KUHS-2019
V. Department Achievements for Extension
1 4-4-2023 JMMC &RIPoster competition(world health day 2023)First prize& cash award
2 4-4-2023 JMMC &RI Poster competition(world health day 2023) Second prize & cash award
3 4-4-2023 JMMC &RI Poster competition(world health day 2023) Third prize & cash
4 24-4-2023 Distict TB Centre,Thrissur(govt) Skit competition(World TB day) Appreciation
5 20-3-2023 RNTCP unit JMMC &RI (govt) Poster competition (world TB day) Second prize & cash award
6 30-1-2023 District leprosy unit ,Thrissur(govt) Quiz competition -SPARSH First prize
7 1-3-2023 District level neighbourhood youth parliament &NSS(Govt) Speech competition Appreciation
  • Developed innovative community health nursing bag
  • Developed research manual, community health nursing procedure manual
  • Co-ordinating add-on course - MLHP course
  • workshop on idea generation and designing on 11/10/22
  • Extension and outreach programmes conducted at schools and colleges, public places through flash mob, puppet show, health exhibition, online awareness, etc.
  • Innovation cell initiative-innovative community bag made,-2023
  • Research seminar series-2023
  • NSS initiative – Nurse led clinic,Health education
  • NSS - Activities - Regular activities & Special camp
  • Field visits organized
  • Palliative care
  • MoU with KESS (NGO) initiative,ST.Mary’s Orphanage ITC, Kachery, Vincent de paul society, St. Mary’s church , kachery,Holy Angel’s HS school , Ollur, NadatharaPanchayath
  • Affiliated with Govt. health centres under the DMO (2014-2022)
  1. Seeja Jacob .A comparative study to assess behavioural problems in preschooler of working and non workingmotherts from a selected urban community in kacheryDOI:01.52711/2454-2652.2023.00002. 2023
  2. Seeja Jacob .A study to assess the impact of covid-19 pademic on physical, psycological,economical and social status among general population in selected areas of kachery –DOI:10.52711/2454-2652.2022.00072. 2022
  3. Seeja Jacob,A Descriptive study to assess the knowledge and attitude towards Covid 19 vaccination among adult population visiting Jubilee Mission Medical College and Research Institute , Thrissur Doi:10.52711/2454-2652.2023.0023.2023
  4. Seeja Jacob,Effectiveness of structured teaching programme on level of knowledge and practice on clorination-2022
  5. Seeja Jacob,To Assess the Fall Risk among the Elderly in selected Urban Area Kachery, Thrissur. International Journal of Advances in Nursing Management. 2021; 9(3):295-8. doi: 10.52711/2454-2652.2021.
  6. Seeja Jacob. Campaigning Against Banned Drugs. Health Action. 2017 April; 30(4):13-16
  7. Seeja Jacob, V Brinda. Effect of Non-Directive play therapy on development among mentally challenged children in selected Institutions of Coimbatore. Asian J. Nur. Edu. and Research.2017; 7(4): 482-490. doi: 10.5958/2349-2996.2017.00094.5
Research under process
  1. A study to assess the oral health problems and contributing factors affecting oral health among school children in selected school, Thrissur
  2. Effect of video assisted teaching programme on prevention of vector borne diseases among adults in selected area under Thrissur
  3. A study to assess the prevalence of morbidity and nutritional status among children attending anganwadi
  4. A study to assess the public perception towards police
  5. A study assess the level of satisfaction among patient and care takers on home based palliative care at Kachery ward 21 &22
2016-20171. A study to Assess the knowledge and symptoms regarding premenopausal problems among women in perimenopausal period in selected arca in Thrissur
2. A study to assess the level of knowledge and practice regarding domestic waste disposal among household members of selected area Kachery, Thrissur
2017-20183. A study to Assess the problems among the old age (>60years) people in ward no2 of Nadathara Panchayath (Kozhukully area) in Thrissur District
4. A study to assesss the effectivenesss of planned teaching program on knowledge regarding the prevention and first aid management of burns among the intensive catechesm children of age 9 to I2 years in St. Marys Church Kachery, Thrissur
2018-20195. A Study to Assess the quality of life among old age people in selected wards of Nadathara panchayath,Thrissur
6. Effect of structured teaching programme on chlorination of well among the home makers of Kachery, Thrissur
2019-20207. A study to Assess the Fall risk among the Elderly people in selected urban area, Kachery, Thrissur
8. Comparative study to assess the behaviour problems in pre schoolers sf working and noa working mothers from selected urban commmity in Kachery.
2020-20219. A study assess the Impact of covid-19 pandemic on physical and mental health, social and financial status among general population at selected areas in Thrissur
10. A study to assess the knowledge and attitude of covid-19 vaccination among adult visiting in JMMC&RI
2021-202211. A study to assess the oral health problems and contributing factors affecting oral health among school children in selected school, Thrissur
12. Effect of video assisted teaching programme on prevention of vector borne diseases among adults in selected area under Thrissur.
Department Research

Knowledge and attitude regarding Prevention of obesity among mothers of school children in selected urban area, Thrissur District

A study to explore the public perception towards police.