Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Establishment of IQAC

The scope of higher education is rapidly expanding. Responding positively to these challenges, JMCON is committed to transform higher education by establishing IQAC at the college level. The Quality Assurance body operates at the college level with a special responsibility to ensure good practices. Jubilee Academic Program Management has its own set of rules and regulations. IQAC is set to be an indispensable first step in the development of JMCON internal quality assurance system. All five departments comply with IQAC policy guidelines.

Functions of IQAC

The main activities of IQAC to achieve the goals are:

  1. To enhance the quality and relevance of higher education and to define the mission and objectives of the institution to respond to global trending quality education.
  2. Guide and assist various departments in defining program goals
  3. Develop standards and norms for the various academic and administrative activities of the Institution.
  4. Review existing procedures for further improvement of higher education.
  5. Prepare QA documents and procedures within the Institution in accordance with the specifications and guidelines provided in the IQAC.
  6. Encourage employees to adhere to professional code of conduct in accordance with QA guidelines and international practices, and to help maintain good practices in operations.
  7. Provide necessary support for the learning program offered by departments and QA process for self-assessment.
  8. Closely monitor policies, systems, processes and procedures.
  9. Assist with institutional evaluation.
  10. Facilitate the approval of new program offer entities and new programs for existing entities using appropriate procedures.
  11. Develop a database containing information on quality assurance, which will be shared with all stakeholders.
  12. Prepare and present the Annual Institutional Quality Assurance Report (IQAR).
  13. Develop QA Strategic Plan every years and ensure its implementation and monitoring of achievements.
  14. Coordinate all activities related to QA within the Institution
  15. Contact other external QA agencies.
  16. Organize workshops, seminars and appropriate training at all levels of the Institution to enhance capacity and promote QA culture.
  17. Advise Institution Management, Faculty and Departments on QA and related matters.
  18. Conduct a pre-audit at any level of the Institution if necessary.

Composition of IQAC

IQAC is constituted under the Chairmanship of the Head of the institution with heads of important academic and administrative units and a few teachers and a few distinguished educationists and representatives of local management and stakeholders.

The composition of the IQAC is as follows:

Sl.NoNameDesignationDesignation Committee
1Dr. Angela GnanaduraiPrincipalChairperson
2Fr. Renny MundenkurianDirectorManagement Representative
3Dr. Benny JosephCEOEmployer Representative
4Rev. Fr. Shijo MappranathukaranAssistant DirectorEmployer Representative
5Dr. Anoopa K RExternal Expert(Principal BBCON, Kollam)
6Dr. Sr. Philo ResmiVice PrincipalQAS Coordinator
7Dr. Sr. Tresa AntoVice PrincipalAdministration Representative
8Sr. Godwin IQAC Coordinator
9Mr. A V Francis Administrative Officer Representative
Nominated Members
1Mrs. Reena VincentProfessor, Department of OBG
2Sr. DhanyaAssociate Professor, Department of Psychiatric Nursing
3Mrs. Sheeja SebastianAsst. Professor, Department of Medical Surgical Nursing
4Mrs. Seeja JacobAsst. Professor, Department of Community Health Nursing
5Mrs. Justy JoyAsst. Professor, Department of OBG
6Mrs. Suja Ann JosephSecretary, Asst. Professor, Department of Paediatric Nursing
7Mrs. Anusha Selvin MaryAsst. Professor, Department of Medical Surgical Nursing
8Sr. Daisy MariaAsst. Professor, Department of Medical Surgical Nursing
9Sr Sumy PaulLecturer,Department of Medical Surgical Nursing
10Mrs.Sheethal P RamananNursing Superintendent, Elite Mission Hospital,
Koorkanchery, Thrissur
Alumni representative
11Mr. Alister PolwinLocal Society Representative
Principal, St. Mary's Orphanage Vocational Training Center
Private ITI
12Mr. Sreejesh S Student Representative

JMCON-IQAC Mechanism

JMCON IQAC Mechanism

The IQAC JMCON is constituted under the chairmanship of Principal and its functions are coordinated by IQAC Coordinator. IQAC at JMCON performs the following duties:

Define Quality Parameters
Prepare Yearly Strategic Plan
Deliver the Plans
Assessment & Evaluation
Review & Audit

Define Quality Parameters

The IQAC JMCON as a strict policy over various activities related to administration and academics. Every year IQAC reforms policies and procedures based on feedback from statutory bodies and stakeholders. Institution implements curriculum based on university revision and guidelines from nursing council. IQAC conducts regular meetings and revise policies accordingly.

Prepare Yearly Strategic Plan

The academic calendar, master plan, clinical rotation plan, course plan, unit plan, lesson plan prepared in the beginning of each academic year. The quality is ensured by scrutiny through departmental heads, Academic - in charge & Principal. College management takes an initiative to conduct a two-day faculty retreat in every year. During the retreat SWOT analysis is done by departments and presented, based on which new decisions are taken. College management prepares administrative plan and a budget for an academic year. Institutional priorities and strategic actions emerged from the analysis of current trends and inputs collected from stakeholders. JMCON has a research committee to plan and monitor research activities. Extracurricular plans are made by SNA, Co-curricular activities are planned by various departments.

Deliver the Plans

JMCON has a good administrative team headed by Director, CEO, Assistant Director & Principal to ensure smooth conduction of all academic and non-academic activities. All academic including lectures and clinical sessions related activities were planned by the departments and the statutory bodies in a proper manner. All research activities and publications were conducted in regular basis under the supervision of a Research Committee. IQAC hosts various Faculty Development Programs and Workshops to enhance skill set of faculty and staff. KUHS, SNA and other statutory bodies conducts various extracurricular activities for both faculty and students. Special efforts have taken to conduct various new generation add on courses like yoga, infection control, inter professional learning and Bio ethics. Few value-added courses have been introduced based on need analysis and stakeholder feedback in terms of knowledge, skill and attitudinal development.

Assessment & Evaluation

College council, curriculum committee, departmental meetings, faculty, PTA and research committee meetings were conducted to review academic, curricular and co-curricular activities of the college. Both theory and practical examinations were conducted by Examination Cell headed by Chief Examination Officer.

Review & Audit

The institution conducts regular internal & external academic / administrative audits with experts. Academic council, The academic calendar, student performance and other plans and were reviewed and evaluated. Students, faculty, alumni, professionals and Employer's feedback adds to the auditing system. The other notable feature is the introduction of academic software package. Monthly administrative audits are conducted by the administration on the following:

  • Financial resources review
  • Review on regulation of leave and personnel issues
  • Administration review and Self appraisal reports
  • Meeting for non-teaching staff
  • Review of work schedule for class IV employees