Innovation Cell

Innovation cell is thus envisaged to network people, ideas, experience and resources to motivate the innovation community in the college. This cell helps to nurture the students' ideas and encourage them to bring up innovative proposals. The Innovation cell may facilitate even in getting funds for the project.

The main aim of this cell is to create institution in terms of creative design ideas in various fields of nursing in an aesthetic approach. Innovation cell will assist students and also encourage young talented minds by providing them perfect platform for showcasing their talents, working together as team and participate in various competitions and provide a platform to realize and believe in themselves.


  • To create an innovative environment for students to discover, develop, deploy and express their skills and talents
  • To encourage students to carry out their hidden talents in various disciplines
  • To empower students to become young entrepreneurs
  • To create institution's innovation portal to highlights innovative projects carried out by institution's faculty and students

Proposal list of activities that the center undertake :

  • Technology transfer
  • Igniting youth innovation
  • Identification of research projects
  • Technology clinics
  • Community benefited projects
  • Entrepreneurship promotion
  • Development of patient care friendly devices


1Dr. Sr.Tresa (Vice Principal- Clinic)Chairperson
2Mrs. Seeja Jacob (Assistant Professor)Convenor
3Ms. Sheeja Sebastian (Associate professor)Member
4Sr. Bettyan (Lecturer)Member
5Merin Davis (Lecturer)Member
6Ms. Rincy (Assistant Professor)Member
7Sr. Priya (Lecturer)Member
8Shanit ShajiIV Year B.Sc. student
9ChandanaIII Year B.Sc. student
10Christy GeorgeII Semester
11CatherineI Semester